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January 1, 2021

So many losses that happened in 2020; however, we can stand to say we made. It was undoubtedly a challenging year. The COVID-19 epidemic swept the land, causing a quarantine to take effect. Even with this implementation, millions lost their lives. Earthquakes, bombs, fires, and floods swept through the land. The United States hit an all-time high for unemployment. It seemed as though it would never end—countless months of being isolated from our families and friends. It seems as this past year's tears shed like no other. But, God kept us through it. It wasn't easy, nor was it enjoyable, but it was necessary. Listen to: Necessary by Fantasia on my Inspiring Ears link for encouragement.

We all know our eyes are typically disregarding why we may be going through, in the midst of it. Oh, but when we come out of it. God has changed us, kept us, and looking back, even provided for us. This test becomes a testimony to encourage others on how we overcame. So I'm here to say, "We made it through." When so many others have been called home or lost their minds, we made it. God is not through with us yet. There's purpose still down on the inside. I want to encourage you to take some time to sit at His feet (meaning read His Word, get into His presence, and allow Holy Spirit to guide you on where He has you in this season.

Here's a prayer you can pray: Father God, in the name Jesus. I thank you for being my comforter and my provider for the year of 2020, however I know greater is to come. I thank you for forgiving me of any sins I have committed against your will. I pray that you will open my eyes to see the path you have set before me. This past year may have been challenging for me. The enemy meant it for evil, but I know it will turn around for my good. I put all of my circumstances in your hands because I know you care for me, and you will not place more on me than I can bare. I cancel Fear and ask that the Fear of the Lord enters my heart. Thank you for reviving, refreshing and renewing my spirit in this season, In Jesus' mighty name. AMEN!



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