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Positioning to Be Blessed


For those of you who are not familiar with Clubhouse, it's another social media platform where like-minded individuals can come together to discuss a specific topic. I joined in December 2020 with hopes of connecting with a tribe of people to enhance where I currently was at the time. As the months rolled by, I was drawn to these excellent rooms with candid conversations, encouragement, and enhancement to spirituality.

One of the rooms was the Prophetic Intercession- with Dr. Prophetess Francina Norman, a mighty woman of God. As I began to listen to her, I would be encouraged in my faith; she spoke to my spirit, something I needed coming from an unhealthy relationship. As I continued to show up daily in her rooms, she would begin to collaborate with some of my virtual mentors who have helped me through my darkest days, like Apostle John Eckhardt. At the time, I knew God positioned me and connected me to sit under the voices of individuals who I truly admired to take me to the next level in Him. Well, on this one particular day, I recall hearing a woman of God speaking to the visions God has given me over the years, Dr. Patricia Bailey. When she began to talk, I knew at that moment God called me to be a missionary. Holy Spirit took me back to a dream when God placed in my heart at the age of ten that I wanted to travel to Africa to help the unprivileged children. I would see their commercials as a small child and would tear up, thinking how to help them. I have always had a desire to adopt one of the children as my own.

On another day, Apostle John Eckhardt and Prophetess Francina began endorsing and supporting Dr. Bailey, raising a substantial amount of monies for her missions. As God led me, I would listen in every room to feed my dreams, hear the words of her testimony, and glean from the people who have been such an inspiration in my life.

Next, I found myself in the room with Dr. Prophetess Francina and Dr. Bailey. On this day, they were talking about sending people to Africa. I initially said OMG (Oh my God), this is it. I had to go, I did not know how I would go, but I knew I had to step out on faith. On the other hand, the enemy said, " How are you going, with the country currently experiencing COVID. Inbound and outbound intentional trips are shut down, and remember, you cannot write an essay." I will be transparent; I dwelled in what he said for a moment. But as I continued to pray and position myself for what God was saying. My mindset shifted.

When Dr. Francina mentioned, they were taking five people and asked for the essay to be submitted by a specific date. I was discouraged and, at the time, decided to go an alternate route. We often think our way is easier, but He's route helps build our faith in Him. I contacted Dr. Bailey's organization to see what options they had available. I went through this process with hopes of people donating to my trip. However, as I continued to pray, I asked God for His direction and placed the entire journey in His Hands. He gave me this dream, so He had to manifest it. Doing so, He woke me up the following day in the three o'clock hour to write an essay, not even three paragraphs. I submitted, prayed over it, and released the anxiety of how I was going.

On the Day of Announcement, God led me in the room a few minutes before the announcement of the trip recipients. My name was called, and I screamed, praising God for it all. I had just won a FREE mission trip to South Africa (click the link for my video). I danced and shouted unto the Lord. As soon as it happened, I started to receive donations from the people I reached for my trip. God did it!!! He always does; we have to pray and get in a position for Him to lead us. Get out of your regular schedule and allow God to lead to your blessing. I pray my story has encouraged you to pray and position yourself in God to receive your miraculous blessing.



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