Who is Tiffanie? (Poem)

Tiffanie has many gifts that people do not know. She tries her best to hide, preventing people from getting a glimpse of her inside. She hides her strengths with a façade, only tearing down the walls with those in her squad.

You see, the enemy has distracted her life with unhealthy love and people’s strife.

However, she’s a woman of strong faith that she will never deny. Her Lord sits with all power in the heavenly sky.

She’s been rejected, abandoned, and abused. But Jesus Christ died for her, and so she’s been approved.

He’s given her so much that she’s learning how to accept & use. To know her worth so she will never again be abused.

She’s been seeking a love that resembles what she has to give. However, this agape love has only come from the One in heaven who forgives.

Who is this Tiffanie, you say?

Well, she’s funny, beautiful, determined, and wise.

She’s different, compassionate, and a true servant in her eyes.

She’s intelligent, friendly, cool, and calm.

Reliable, redeemed, and restored.

Happy, healthy, healed,

Loyal, a leader, and loved.

Now please do not be mistaken for her sweetness that you see.

She does have the capability of putting people in their place if need be.

Her strengths include:

Development: where she helps, empowers people and communities she loves to grow.

Empath- sensitive to the thoughts/ and feelings of people though they do not know.

Optimistic: she sees the good in it all.

Her belief- her values must be in it all

Community, spirituality, passion, integrity, family, love, and making a difference is keen to me.

She’s a visionary, a person with original ideas about what the future could be.

And it’s precisely all that God has destined her to be.

Her voice was taken at a very young age.

She is putting in the work and fighting to create her own stage.

She speaks with love and hope to a world that’s in need.

Inspiring others to join so the world will no longer bleed.

Who is Tiffanie?

She is confident and bold.

And her story across the world will be told.

Oh, you thought I was complete.

I am always and forever will strive to compete.

with the old me, of course,

everything within me comes from my Source

So, who is this Tiffanie, and where is she from?

She’s meek and gentle walks in the fruit of the spirit you see.

She’s a Kingdom Kid beyond this earthly world’s reality.


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