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The get to the journey

Often, we are so anxious to get to God's next plan for our lives that we fail to think are we even ready. Are we prepared to go through the fire without complaining...Why me? I remember as a child, I would always ask God, why me, Lord? Of course, at this age, most of the time, we have no clue about who God is or what He's doing. Well, strolling along this path with a friend on this particular day, I marvel at the scenery because, as you know, that's how I am. I love God's creation, and as I continue to look at it. God always seems to speak a word to me. This particular time I began to take a picture of the path before us. My friend said, why are you taking a picture of that... sort of condescendingly. I told her girl I love looking at God's creation and showing it to her after I took the picture. She said, oh my goodness, that is beautiful. At that moment, God shares with me the seasons and how they apply to our lives, and I used my life at the moment as I described it to her.

You see, autumn(Fall) usually begins towards the end of September in Georgia, right before the end of the year. You will start noticing the leaves on the trees changing colors and falling off. According to researchers, some trees may skip the coloring process altogether; many trees can drop their leaves early. It shows how we all go through various circumstances in different seasons. There's a crisp wind in the air. As time changes, the nights become longer. It reminds of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, which mentions, For everything, there is a season, A time for every activity under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest.

Typically for me, this is when God begins to reveal that these certain things to be cut from my life. The year 2019 was this year for me. It was hard and something I couldn't even imagine it to be. During this time, I left a job, but in 2020, I got promoted to a management level position. I loss relationships, but God replaced them with a stable mind and showed me who my real friends are. He removed me from a ministry that I love to where He wants me to be. The Fall season is about things falling off, and God replaces them for a new season. You know it's hard because we think, Lord, this is who and what I want. However, if it does not line up with the journey He's getting ready to take you on, it has to go! He's preparing you for your next season and there is a process. When you look at this picture where my friend and I were. I thought this is precisely how we feel when it's time to go somewhere we have never been before. Fearful. Anxious of what's in front of us or over the other side of the hill. We are not trying to place our faith in knowing that God already knows and has a plan laid out for us that we don't know. This is the place where I struggle, having to know what's around the corner or on the other side of the hill before I make a move. On this particular day, this was our first time my friend and I did this together, something new and new journey. At times we became fearful of hearing something in the bushes. Isn't this how we are when we listen to people who don't believe in our desires, whispering, "we can't do it." We stop for a moment, get distracted, and then eventually get back on track. The shadows represent the enemies lurking around us to prevent us from reaching our destiny. The trees represent an area of rest where we have to sometimes stop along the way to regroup. However, through it, all God has never left or forsaken us. We get right back to that destination where he has us to be with His guidance. The journey is processing us to place us right where He has for us. So learn to embrace your past, present, and even where you are going. God has a plan that will prosper you, not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Father God, right now I lift up every reader that is reading this message. Allow them to get back to a posture in you, so that you may give them direction, comfort, and peace during their circumstances. Remind them that with Faith they can move mountains. Help them to see you like never before. In Jesus mighty name.



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