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Let's not focus on the setback but on bouncing back!!-14.png

I'm so glad you decided to stop by. Well, allow me to share a little about myself. I am a mother of two from Atlanta, GA who has experienced five types of abuse. I am a childhood trauma survivor. I have encountered abandonment, rejection, and mental health episodes and overcame a narcissistic relationship. I have been diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD, and experience Suicidal thoughts.

So, I am sharing my experience to let you know you're not alone. We all have encountered some circumstances. Therefore, I believe support is pivotal. A few years ago, my healing from a toxic relationship led to God revealing all the trauma I experience which I needed healing from. My healing journey began. And if you know about God, He will uncover everything; every layer that is holding you back from moving forward in your purpose. 

Let's not focus on the setback but on bouncing back!!-13.png

Many times I wanted to quit! I am sure you have felt this way at times. But, let me remind you that the freedom, peace, and authenticity we walk in are rewarding. 

Our mission is to assist women 

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